~DAY 3«»COVID-19«»0072~

05:02 am. Thursday. Fasting. My eyes are so so sore right now. Its been almost twenty three hours that I have been awake, yet my brain will not let me tire. Updates, I am now on ep 57 of Naruto. A waste of time really. I am watching it only to realise I have seen most of the seasons as a child.

The whole pandemic stuff has gone to shit. My dad got pulled over twice last night on the way to work. I went shopping with my parents. We had to queue out side. Only one person was allowed in at a time. Every one I’ve spoken to seems to be enjoying the quarantine. My family included. Apparantly, being exposed to the same people with the same train of thoughts for the next 12 weeks is fun. I am dying slowly in my brain. Haven interrupted, voices clipped.

I visited my grandparents. Hands washed, sanitised, face covered. They are well. I dropped off some groceries and did a bit of chores for them. My grandma loves flowers. Not to be that character, my main memories of my grandma are to do with her love for flowers. At the moment, she has a HUGE vase of lillies on the garden window. The scent is all over the house. I love it.

As always, asking Allah for a death with dignity. Its coming no matter what we do. I think I am not fearful of dying of the virus. A lot of people find me stupid. What they have misunderstood is if it is written, inevitable, why waste precious time with fear. Rather do something worthwhile. Dear Allah. Protect us from our own punishment. Bring us closer to you. Protect the integrity, the respect and peace of the ummah world wide. Ameen.

كفي بالموت وعظا

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