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~DAY 5«»COVID-19«»0120~

One week since the kindof start of this whole quarantine. The lady that lives opposite us is a nurse. Everyday she adds new posters and cards that people send her to her front door and window. I love it.

Spent most of today in bed writing the plot line for my next story. I told the readers that I was deactivating my account but i have shit all to do. I am feeling extremely mentally exhausted and need some sort of out put. I like reading angsty books. You know the type where the main characters die and you’re so invested you plan their funerals. Lol.

My fathers friend is Turkish. He was telling my dad he wasn’t feeling well today so my mum packed the left overs from our evening meal for him. I hope he remains healthy.

This is turning in to a diary?!

I like this though because no one reads and its just all the shit from my head. Fun times. (つ°ヮ°)つ

I think another 200 (?)deaths were recorded in Europe today. Prince Charles and PM Boris have also tested positive. Kinda reminds me of the بروج in juz 1.huh.

“..all we have left are the prayers we send..”


( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)


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